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There are a huge number of undervalued and overlooked food plants in the world. The FPI database provides accessible information about these plants to support production of locally relevant and nutritious food, and enable people to appropriately value their local foods. The searchable database has information on scientific name, genus, common names, synonyms, plant description, production and use notes, nutritional value, pictures and references. The data is not complete for all food plants. As you can imagine, documenting this range of information for over 35,103 plants is an enormous task. If you have information you would like to contribute, we would be very happy for you to contact us.The uses of this data are limited only by your imagination. You can identify local plants, assist with production issues, or promote the most nutritious food to the most vulnerable sectors of the community.

Production problems can be minimised by matching plants to the environments in which they grow best. Using local plants means they are already suited to surrounding conditions and are more resistant to pests and diseases.

Increasing the diversity of food plants available is the simplest solution to a balanced diet. What one plant lacks another will provide. Maintaining a diversity of food plants enhances food security. If some plants are affected by adverse weather and environmental conditions, others will still be there to provide food.

Important Disclaimer

Although great care has been taken to be as accurate as possible, neither the compiler nor the organization makes any expressed or implied representation as to the accuracy of the information contained in this database and cannot be held legally responsible or accept liability for any errors or omissions. Neither the compiler nor the organization can be held responsible from claims arising from the mistaken identity of plants or their inappropriate use. The compiler and the organization do not assume responsibility for any sickness, death or any other harmful effects resulting from eating or using any plant described in this database. Always be sure you have the correct plant and proper preparation by consulting specialist scientists or local users of the plants. This database is a work in progress and is regularly being amended.

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