Newsletters 2019

Global edible plants information centre – from the centre of the world to the rest of the world!

We need to discover all the edible plant diversity on this planet.

Diversity for good diets and the health of the planet

Looking for ways to make information more accessible.

For the good of all in the world we need to change our priorities.

The Meliaceae family has 51 genera and about 600 species. Of these 134 are recorded as having edible parts.

Functional foods provide both nutrition and health benefits.

Thousands of references of edible plants. Delivering research information to the world for the hungry.

2019 is the year of indigenous languages. Often it is the older people in a community who know their local edible plants well and they can teach others. People love seeing their local plants on posters, especially when their own language names are displayed.

Bruce discusses a number of issues – environmental, agricultural and nutritional.

The Burseraceae plant family is a tropical family of trees and shrubs.  There are about 680 species and of these, at least 186 have edible parts. 

When you are cutting your way through the jungle, the direction is more important than the speed.