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Growing Food in South East Asia

“Indochina or mainland SE Asia has 3,663 edible food plant species. Many of these have been overlooked or not given the study and attention that they deserve…”

Starchy Staple Foods

Hunger is  not having enough starchy staple in your stomach. Malnutrition is having your stomach full of a starchy  staple.

Edible Syzygium fruit

About 1,120 species of Syzygium have been recorded. Of these at least 158 have been recorded as having edible fruit. They mostly occur in Asia and Australia.  They are often popular snack fruit.

Edible Barringtonia Nuts and Leaves

The Barringtonia group of trees grows in the Asia and Pacific region. There are 50 species of which 15 are recorded as being used as food. Some species in some countries are important nut crops. More information can be found in the edible plants database at

Edible Canarium nuts and fruit

Edible Terminalia fruit and nuts

This article documents edible terminalia. At least 50 are used as food by people in different locations in the world. It provides fruit that are chewed and edible kernels or nuts that are especially eaten by children. The fleshy part is rich in protein and the kernel or nut is especially rich in zinc. Children need zinc to grow tall. More information can be found in the edible plants database at

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Pandanus as food