Food Plants International recognises that many other organisations are also working to support the world’s small scale and subsistence food producers in growing their own food.

Many of the other excellent resources that are available can be found by looking under the “References” for specific plants in the database.

Small scale, ecologically and socially sustainable production systems are the key to improving food security and nutrition in developing countries. FPI is well placed to offer support in this area.

Echo logo - click to navigate to their site.
ECHO: A Christian group based in Florida who are major providers of information on plant and appropriate technology and who provide sample seed supplies for tropical countries.

Perennial Solutions logo - click to navigate to their site.
Perrenial Solutions: Eric Tonsmeier also specialises in information in Spanish for Latin American plants.

Food plant solutions:  a Rotary initiative to distribute information from Food Plants International.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia:
 working worldwide to preserve traditional languages. See also the SIL Ethnologue website.