Welcome to the Food Plants International web site. Here you will find the world’s largest database of edible food plants, containing useful information on over 35,103 food plants. Food Plants International (FPI) is a Christian not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide information about edible plants with the objective of Helping the Hungry Feed Themselves Through Strategic Use of God’s Amazing Natural Resources. (See an article on faith and agriculture called God’s Resources under the tab Articles and Books.)

Some 3 billion people in the world live outside the cash economy in the world’s poorest nations. Food security and regular supply are their daily concerns. Chronic malnutrition is a leading cause of death and disease for them. Young children are amongst the most affected. One child every 5-10 seconds dies from undernutrition. Vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness for someone every minute. Most people in tropical and subtropical countries are iron deficient.

It does not have to be this way. God has already provided the right plants growing in their right places to sustain people in every place on his earth.

Our goal is to provide information that enables people to choose the right plant for their environment, to give them stable food production and a greater choice of plants to enrich their diets and improve their nutritional wellbeing.

This is a project undertaken by a group of Christians who want to be good stewards of God’s world, provide practical information to help hungry people feed themselves and to put their faith into action. It is targeted towards rural producers in the tropical world where there are a large number of poorly documented and underutilised local plants. Local plants suit local conditions and are therefore more sustainable. As well, many are highly nutritious and very tasty. They are God’s amazing provisions.

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Although great care has been taken to be as accurate as possible, neither the compiler nor the organization makes any expressed or implied representation as to the accuracy of the information contained in this database and cannot be held legally responsible or accept liability for any errors or omissions. Neither the compiler nor the organization can be held responsible from claims arising from the mistaken identity of plants or their inappropriate use. The compiler and the organization do not assume responsibility for any sickness, death or any other harmful effects resulting from eating or using any plant described in this database. Always be sure you have the correct plant and proper preparation by consulting specialist scientists or local users of the plants. This database is a work in progress and is regularly being amended.

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