Newsletters 2021

Eating foods locally can change attitudes

Keep the focus on God and the hungry

Agriculture for a hungry world
A personal perspective and story by Bruce French

2021 has been declared International Year of Fruit and Vegetables

Local food markets have an amazingly rich diversity of food plants. 
Local food markets are the social centre for the community.

The plant family Rosaceae
Rubus berries are often foraged and eaten

The Malvaceae family, a large plant family with 4,225 known species.

International Year of Fruit and Vegetables
Turn swords into ploughshares and spears into pruning hooks Isaiah 2:4

Solanaceae or the potato and tomato family
We should thank South Americans for our common foods.

Food and nutrition:
It’s time we thought about good nutrition, not just profits.

Responsible stewardship of the planet is a Christian responsibility
We need to practice an Earth careful way of life

We need to learn from locals and share information clearly. Our attitudes to local foods can change attitudes.